Buffalo Creek Chronicles
Diary of a Cattle Ranch on the Southern Plains

Gary Lantz, Sue Selman and  Don House

8 x 9 paperback

160 pages with 41 photographs




This book is a collaborative effort to bring to life the history

of a pioneer family ranch in Northwest Oklahoma.  Gary Lantz

a noted author and naturalist along with photographer Don House

create a wonderful picture of the natural and human history of the

Selman Ranch a fourth generation operation in Northwest Oklahoma.

Rancher Sue Selman weaves her memories of growing up on a

working cattle ranch into the fabric of Lantz's seasonal diary of the

natural forces that come together to make the Great Plains one of the

most powerful and intensely beautiful, yet often misunderstood and

under appreciated, regions of the United States.  Don House lends

his talents with a camera and a pen, to help bring to life the history

of the ranch.