Birding at the Selman Ranch

As of January 26, 2008, the Audubon Society has selected the Selman Ranch as an Important Birding Area (IBA).  Sue accepted the award with great hopes of continuing to improve the Selman Ranch.
Prime areas available for birding include cottonwood gallery forest along several perennial prairie streams, a salt flat along the Cimarron River with several hundred acres, cattail marshes, ponds, gypsum buttes, cliffs, mesquite flats and acres and acres of mid-grass and short-grass prairie.  The ranch is situated where East meets West geographically, and both Eastern and Western species nest here.  Selman Ranch protects a population of Lesser Prairie Chickens, Least Terns, Snowy Plovers and a host of grassland birds.  Winter is famous for the waterfowl, shorebirds, Swans, Owls and other wanderers.


This Spring we will offer special areas along the creek with feeders and other bird and wildlife attractants for viewing and photography.  We will provide blinds that will give excellent opportunities for an up close look at the birds and other wildlife such as Bobcats, Badgers, Deer, Fox and more.  We will add Sue’s personal Birding list soon.


Spring of 2008’s Boots, Buckets and Chickens at the Selman Ranch was a great success – click here to read about it.